Bodleian Libraries Launch Project to Create Online Catalogue Raisonne Of William Henry Fox Talbot’s Photographs

The Bodleian Libraries has launched an ambitious project to create a new web-based research tool that will allow scholars and members of the public to view and search the complete photographic works of British photographic pioneer William Henry Fox Talbot.
This online catalogue raisonné will include images of thousands of photographs and negatives by Talbot and his close circle. It will shed new light on Talbot’s photographic discoveries and will invite academics and the public to help fill in the blanks about mystery images.

Correspondence as a Documentary Form, Its Persistent Representation, & Email Management, Preservation, and Access | Records Management Journal

Volume 25 Issue 1, Digital Diplomatics
This paper aims to construct a systematic way of thinking about correspondence as a documentary form and discusses the role its persistent representation features play in management, preservation and access of email correspondence.

Diplomatics of born digital documents – considering documentary form in a digital environment | Records Management Journal

Volume 25 Issue 1, Digital Diplomatics
This paper explores a new model of ‘record’ that maps traditional attributes of a record onto a technical decomposition of digital records. It compares the core characteristics necessary to call a digital object a ‘record’ in terms of diplomatics, or ‘evidence’ in terms of digital forensics. It then isolates three layers of abstraction: the conceptual, the logical, and the physical. By identifying the essential elements of a record at each layer of abstraction, a diplomatics of digital records can be proposed.

Council of Canadian Academies | CCA | Memory Institutions and the Digital Revolution

Memory institutions (libraries, archives, museums and galleries) are confronted with many challenges, from technological change, resource challenges, and shifting public expectations. Cultural documents are frequently “born digital”, while older materials need to be digitized for better public access. Furthermore, memory institutions of all types face the difficult task of preserving digital files in formats that will remain accessible over the long- term. As one of the most wired populations in the world, Canadians expect their heritage to be accessible and discoverable online.

Tate launches world-wide access to unpublished archives of key British artists

Tate has announced that intimate love letters from Paul Nash to his wife, touching family photographs of Jacob Epstein, unpublished images revealing Eduardo Paolozzi’s playful nature, 45 volumes of Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture records and correspondence from William Nicholson to his son Ben are among the first batch of items to be made available on Tate’s website for a world-wide audience as part of the Archives and Access project.