Packaging eSerials for Transfer and Preservation | The Signal: Digital Preservation

In many ways, this is just like other acquisition streams and workflows: some specifications for the content are identified; electronic transfer mechanisms are put in place; processing includes automated and human actions including inspection, metadata extraction and enrichment, and organization; and files are moved to the appropriate storage locations.
In others ways, eserials are unlike almost everything else.

Tracking Perpetual Access: A Survey of Librarian Practices

As librarians continue to grapple with licensed rather than purchased content, many have turned to perpetual access agreements to retain some of the norms of the print world. However, a license agreement only represents the beginning of a library's relationship with a vendor, and perpetual access is not fully assured when the license is signed. In order to maintain perpetual access, librarians must continually track their perpetual access entitlements and adjust their holdings information when changes occur.

Preservation, Trust and Continuing Access for e-Journals | Digital Preservation Coalition

This report discusses current developments and issues which libraries, publishers, intermediaries and service providers are facing in the area of digital preservation, trust and continuing access for e-journals. It also includes generic lessons and recommendations on outsourcing and trust learnt in this field of interest to the wider digital preservation community. It is not solely focused on technology, and covers relevant legal, economic and service issues.

Starting from Scratch on Perpetual Access

When library staff resources are limited, administering post-cancellation access to electronic journal content can often be neglected when other demands of managing electronic resources take priority. Difficulties handling perpetual access include determining access rights from publishers’ license terms, verifying the paid content to which the library is entitled, and retaining access when a journal is transferred to a new publisher. Libraries can utilize their existing electronic resources management tools to develop staff workflows for perpetual access entitlements.