An invitation to review and reform OAIS

An invitation to review and reform the OAIS model from William Kilbride of the Digital Preservation Coalition:

Dear All,

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in a new initiative that will hold our interest for a couple of years and which we aim to build into a platform for collaboration in the digital preservation community in the future.

Stewarding Academic and Research Content: An Interview with Bradley Daigle and Chip German about APTrust | The Signal

In this edition of the Insights Interview series for the NDSA Innovation Working Group, I was excited to talk with Bradley Daigle, director of digital curation services and digital strategist for special collections at the University of Virginia, and R. F. (Chip) German Jr., program director of the APTrust, about the Academic Preservation Trust.

Lauren: Tell us about the Academic Preservation Trust and how the organization addresses the needs of member institutions.

Curriculum - Digital Preservation Outreach and Education | Library of Congress

The DPOE Baseline Digital Preservation Curriculum consists of six easily understandable topics.

- Identify . . . the types of digital content you have.
- Select . . . what portion of your digital content will be preserved.
- Store . . . your selected content for the long term.
- Protect . . . your content from everyday threats and emergency contingencies.
- Manage . . . and implement requirements for long term management.
- Provide . . . access to digital content over time.

Digital Collection Stewardship

The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) is Australia’s leading audiovisual archive and is the steward of the national audiovisual collection consisting of 2.3 million items of film, broadcast and sound works and their associated documents and artefacts.
In no other type of cultural collecting institution does technology play such a major role as it does in managing the NFSA’s digital collection. Currently the digital collection comprises of 511,797 digital items totaling 575 terabytes.

TIFF/A Standard Initiative launched! | Digital meets Culture

As PREFORMA partner and expert in TIFF we would like to inform you about the launch of this initiative. We count on you to participate in the new TIFF/A specification: your expertise will be very useful! Please get involved in any of the 3 levels.

Not the Manager Type? Maybe You’re a “Guru”

For most of us, climbing the corporate ladder means first becoming a manager. Then, as your control extends over bigger teams, and eventually entire departments, you ascend in an organization’s hierarchy. Your career advancement therefore—in terms of title, pay and recognition—is inextricably tied to people management.

But does this decades-old approach to career development even make sense?

Legal Deposit Extended For the National Library of Australia

Physical works published in Australia must, by law, have a copy deposited with the National Library. This ensures that there is a comprehensive record of Australia’s cultural heritage, preserved for the people of Australia. However since the Act was written in 1968, the format of materials has moved from purely physical form. Books are now published as e-prints, magazines are delivered directly into inboxes and newspaper articles come with embedded autoplay videos. Unfortunately, the legal deposit legislation had not kept pace with this change.

New Case Study: Digital Preservation Strategies for a Small Private College

Well established “best practices” in digital preservation (DP) do little to address day-to-day realities in repositories that cannot dedicate funds or staff to DP workflows. What can a Lone Arranger do to ensure good stewardship for born digital and digitized institutional records before a complete preservation system is in place?

TNA guidance on cloud storage and digital preservation | Australian Policy Online

The use of cloud storage in digital preservation is a rapidly evolving field and this guidance explores how it is developing, emerging options and good practice, together with requirements and standards that archives should consider. Five detailed case studies of UK archives that have implemented cloud storage solutions have been compiled as part of the Guidance and are available as standalone linked documents. Sources of further advice and guidance are also included.

What Do We Mean by ‘Preserving Digital Information’? Towards Sound Conceptual Foundations for Digital Stewardship

Digital preservation is fundamental to information stewardship in the 21st century. Although much useful work on preservation strategies has been accomplished, we do not yet have an adequate conceptual framework that articulates precisely and formally what preservation actually is. The intention of the account provided here is to bring us closer to this goal. Following an initial analysis of the concept of preservation as it occurs in ordinary discourse around digital stewardship, several influential preservation models are analyzed, identifying both useful insights and problems.