John Warren on the “Zen and the Art of Metadata Maintenance”

Metadata is the lifeblood of publishing in the digital age and the key to discovery. Metadata is a continuum of standards and a process of information flow; creating and disseminating metadata involves both art and science. This article examines publishing-industry best practices for metadata construction and management, process improvement steps, practical applications for publishers and authors such as keywords, metadata challenges concerning e-books, and the frontiers of the expanding metadata universe.

People are Losing their Trust in e-books | Goodreader

The primary benefit of a print book is the clear path of ownership. Once you procure it from your favorite online or brick and motor store, its yours. There is no problem with loaning it out to a friend or rereading it for the hundredth time. e-books on the other hand is a convoluted nightmare.

Special Collections Curator Discusses Published Works, Digital Age

Molly Schwartzburg, curator for the Albert & Shirley Small Special Collections Library presented “Collecting in the Golden Age of the Book” Thursday, a lecture examining her efforts as a curator to document the integration of the digital age into the realm of published works.

Special Collections Curator Discusses Published Works, Digital Age

who has worked for the last three years at the [Albert & Shirley Small] Special Collections Library [U. of Virginia Library], presented an assortment of modern publications transcending the traditional role of a book to integrate the technology and trends of modern day. Schwartzburg’s collection — largely acquired from a variety of antiquated book fairs around the nation — highlights the revival of the “artist book,” a book whose entire composition is a work in and of itself.

De Gruyter Begins Providing MARC 21 Records For All Frontlist and Backlist eBook Titles | Library Journal

De Gruyter has signed a contract with the Scope e-Knowledge Center for the provision of MARC records. Scope is a international provider of knowledge services and solutions. Effective immediately, De Gruyter will provide MARC 21 metadata for its frontlist and backlist eBooks converted through mARCat, Scope’s MARC record service. All affiliated libraries thus have quick and easy access to De Gruyter’s metadata.

The Signal: Digital Preservation

In 1994, linguist Geoff Nunberg stated, in an article in the journal “Representations,” “reading what people have had to say about the future of knowledge in an electronic world, you sometimes have the picture of somebody holding all the books in the library by their spines and shaking them until the sentences fall out loose in space…” What would these fragments look like if you took every page of every book from 2.5 million volumes dating back over 500 years? Could every illustration, drawing, chart, map, photograph and image be extracted, indexed and displayed?