Here, KAPTUR This! Identifying and Selecting the Infrastructure Required to Support the Curation and Preservation of Visual Arts Research Data | International Journal of Digital Curation

Research data is increasingly perceived as a valuable resource and, with appropriate curation and preservation, it has much to offer learning, teaching, research, knowledge transfer and consultancy activities in the visual arts. However, very little is known about the curation and preservation of this data: none of the specialist arts institutions have research data management policies or infrastructure and anecdotal evidence suggests that practice is ad hoc, left to individual researchers and teams with little support or guidance.

Islandora’s Open Source Ecosystem and Digital Preservation: An Interview with Mark Leggott

from The Signal : Islandora’s connecting of open source software tools Drupal and Fedora, acting as a kind of glue between the content management and presentation capabilities of Drupal with the long term preservation features of Fedora.

Digital.Bodleian End of Project Summary & Lessons Learnt

This project increased the sustainability of their digitized collections and created a unified interface for accessing and interacting with the Bodleian’s archive of digitized content. With this project they moved away from a silo-ed, collection-based approach to access. Additionally, they have tidied up their legacy metadata and managed to get data out of their closed systems and stored it in a more open and usable manner.