Record Keeping (Digital)

Project MUSE - Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science-Volume 39, Number 2, June juin 2015

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Special Issue on Data, Records, and Archives in the Cloud
Guest editor: Luciana Duranti

The Archival Advantage: Integrating Archival Expertise into Management of Born-digital Library Materials

This essay argues for involving archivists in the management of born-digital library materials (i.e., created and managed in digital form).
Key highlights include:

The Work of Appraisal in the Age of Digital Reproduction

With apologies to Walter Benjamin, I would like to reflect on some of the challenges and strategies associated with the appraisal of digital archives that we've faced here at the Bentley Historical Library. The following discussion will highlight current digital archives appraisal techniques employed by the Bentley, many of which we are hoping to integrate into the forthcoming Archivematica Appraisal and Arrangement tab.
Foundations and Principles

Rising to the challenge: Are records professionals up to the task? | Recordkeeping Roundtable

Some of us Roundtablers were honoured to be speakers at a conference at Beijing’s Renmin University in early June. Keynoting at that event was distinguished archivist and Roundie friend Hans Hofman.

Redesigning Electronic Record Processing and Preservation at NARA

The US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is in the process of refactoring its infrastructure for the processing and preservation of electronic records. In gathering requirements to enhance the tool suite at NARA, a number of needs were identified. The key need was for a flexible processing environment with an expandable set of software tools to verify and process a significant volume and varieties of electronic records.

Close Reading, Distant Reading: Should Archival Appraisal Adjust? | The Signal:

Digital humanists and digital historians are employing research methods that most of us did not anticipate when we were learning to be archivists. Do new types of research mean archivists should re-examine the way we learned to do appraisal?

Evaluating automated approaches against records management principles | Thinking Records

As a profession we are very proud of our principles. If you ever discuss technology with a group of records managers one of us is bound to say ‘records management principles are timeless, regardless of how much or how quickly technology changes’.

But what exactly are these principles?