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Documenting the Archive: Using Content Analysis Techniques

The purpose of this article is to provide basic information on the possible benefits of employing content analysis techniques for documenting television and radio archives. It is based on the considerable experience gained by RAI over recent years in this field. The article also looks analytically at the impact these new archive documentation techniques will have on traditional working practices.

Archives Remixed | Archive Journal - Archives and Special Collections in Higher Education

The Practice of Data Curation - As research and teaching produce ever-increasing amounts of data in analog and digital forms, what we do with that data is a question that librarians, archivists, scholars, teachers, and students must address. The four contributors discuss what “data curation” is and might become. We invite you to read through the responses by author or by question.

Breaking the Code

from Columbia University Libraries - Whether or not the humanities are in the midst of a crisis, much is changing in the humanities research landscape. Libraries and librarians have responded in a number of creative ways to the pace of change brought on by new technologies and research methodologies.