Managing e-mail in its native environment | Thinking Records

The main differences between the e-mail policy of the US National Archives (NARA) and those of the national archives of Australia, Canada and the UK, are that:

* NARA would rather accession and permanently preserve the contents of the e-mail accounts of senior federal civil servants than have those e-mail accounts routinely deleted.
* NARA does not insist US federal agencies move significant correspondence out of their e-mail environment into a separate records system

Library Privacy: Project Muse Moving to SSL, HTTPS URLs Will Begin Appearing This May

Project MUSE is beginning the process of updating the MUSE site to use secure site protocol. This change will take effect as of May 15, 2015.
What this means is that URLs for MUSE pages will include the https designation rather than the http (no ‘s’). MUSE is making the change in order to provide a secure site to protect end users, libraries and publishers.
All links to content will automatically redirect. However, items that require updating as a result of this change include proxy servers and referring/encrypted URLs.

OMB & NARA Release Guidelines on Fed. Agency Management of E-Mail

This Memorandum reinforces the importance for each agency to manage their email properly and the need for all Federal employees to be aware of their responsibilities for managing email records. As you know, this has been an important issue for Congress and the Administration over the last few months. It is also an animating issue as we continue to work towards the goal in the Managing Government Records Directive (OMB M-12-18) that all email be managed electronically by the end of 2016.