Publishers Initiate Predatory Pricing on e-Books to Destroy the Market | Goodreader

Major publishers have gained the ability to dictate their own prices on e-books and this has dramatically increased the cost to the customer. In many cases the hardcover is actually cheaper than the digital version and this is primarily due to predatory pricing.

A Community Effort to Develop Best Practices in Digital Library Assessment | D-Lib

Research and cultural heritage institutions are increasingly focused on providing online access to digital special collections and archives. Assessment is a necessity: in the face of limited resources and tremendous demand for online access to digital library materials, we need to strategically focus our efforts and better understand and measure the value, impact, and associated costs of digital library materials.

An Economic Perspective of Disk vs. Flash Media in Archival Storage

Appeared in Proceedings of the 22th IEEE International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS 2014).
For three decades, Kryder’s Law correctly predicted an exponential increase in bit density on disk platters, leading to an exponential drop in cost per gigabyte. However, disk now is over 7 times as expensive as it would have been had Kryder’s law continued unchanged from 2010, and industry projections suggest that in 2020 the gap will reach 200 times.

Curation Costs Exchange: Supporting Smarter Investments in Digital Curation | Educause

A sizeable canon of research exists on cost modeling for digital curation. Although this research typically emphasizes the cost and complexity of digital curation and preservation, it is in many ways preliminary; the tools and methods developed have seen little uptake. Tools to manage and estimate costs, for example, have not been integrated into other digital curation processes or tools. The question is why? To answer it, a consortium of 13 European partners and cost modeling specialists launched the Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation (4C) project.

A National Agenda Bibliography for Digital Asset Sustainability and Preservation Cost Modeling | The Signal:

The 2014 National Digital Stewardship Agenda, released in July 2013, is still a must-read (have you read it yet?). It integrates the perspective of dozens of experts to provide funders and decision-makers with insight into emerging technological trends, gaps in digital stewardship capacity and key areas for development.
The Agenda suggests a number of important research areas for the digital stewardship community to consider, but the need for more coordinated applied research in cost modeling and sustainability is high on the list of areas prime for research and scholarship.

Final Thoughts on the ANADP II conference: lessons learned | Confessions of a Curator, Editor, Writer, Geek

So, I’ve done my writing up of my notes from the ANADP II conference over on the Digital POWRR project blog.
I wanted to share some of my thoughts about themes and notions that I, personally, took away from the conference, particularly as a participant representing a project about smaller or less-well-resourced libraries, among a conference full of people working on projects at national or international scale.
In no particular order:

* .....