Introducing EarthWorks, Stanford's new GIS data discovery application | Stanford University Libraries

Stanford University Libraries is happy to introduce EarthWorks, our new geospatial data discovery application. EarthWorks is a discovery tool for geospatial (a.k.a. GIS) data. It allows users to search and browse the GIS collections owned by Stanford University Libraries, as well as data collections from many other institutions. Data can be searched spatially, by manipulating a map; by keyword search; by selecting search limiting facets (e.g., limit to a given format type); or by combining these options.

Mapping Words: Lessons Learned From a Decade of Exploring the Geography of Text | The Signal

It is hard to imagine our world today without maps. Though not the first online mapping platform, the debut of Google Maps a decade ago profoundly reshaped the role of maps in everyday life, popularizing the concept of organizing information in space. When Flickr unveiled image geotagging in 2006, more than 1.2 million photos were geotagged in the first 24 hours.

A Shared Geospatial Metadata Repository for Ontario University Libraries: Collaborative Approaches - New Review of Academic Librarianship

Successfully providing access to special collections of digital geospatial data in academic libraries relies upon complete and accurate metadata. Creating and maintaining metadata using specialized standards is a formidable challenge for libraries. The Ontario Council of University Libraries' Scholars GeoPortal project, which created a shared geospatial data infrastructure, involved centrally curating metadata for shared geospatial data collections, using a collaborative and cost-effective consortial model. This paper presents the background and findings of the Scholars GeoPortal project.

Content Matters Interview: The Montana State Library | The Signal

In this installment of the Content Matters interview series of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Content Working Group we’re featuring an interview with Diane Papineau, a geographic information systems analyst at the Montana State Library.
In addition to a traditional role of supporting public libraries and collecting state publications, the Montana State Library (MSL) hosts the Natural Resource Information System (NRIS), which is staffed by GIS Analysts.