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Digital Preservation Management Tools and Techniques |

Organizations that are responsible for managing digital content across generations of technology are expected to demonstrate conformance with community standards and practice for digital curation and preservation, which continue to evolve. To assist organizations in demonstrating good practice and becoming recognized as a trusted digital repository (TDR), this set of digital preservation management tools and techniques has been iteratively developed and tested in the course of presenting nearly 50 Digital Preservation Management (DPM) workshops since we offered the first course in 2003.

Digital preservation as a service | National Library of New Zealand

Digital Preservation as a Service (DPaaS) is a joint project of National Library of New Zealand and Archives New Zealand. The current phase of the project is to determine the demand/need for a whole of country approach to digital preservation leveraging government’s investment to date in the Library and Archives.

What’s digital preservation?
It is:

Dutch digital developments | Digital Preservation Seeds

Some interesting developments are taking place in the Netherlands with regard to (preservation of) the digital heritage. Initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science the Network Digital Heritage (NDE) was set up. The participants in this network are national organizations with large digital collections, like the National Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek) , the Institute of Sound and Vision, the Cultural Heritage Agency, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the National Archives, together with other partners like for example the knowledge center DEN.

DPOE Interview with Sam Meister | The Signal: Digital Preservation

Sam: I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the inaugural DPOE Train-the-trainer workshop in September 2011, very soon after I began my position as Digital Archivist at the University of Montana. This was a very valuable and timely opportunity as the experience kick-started my thinking and practice around digital preservation in the context of my new institutional setting.

The Last Decade of Digital Preservation: A Personal View from Australia | Preservation, Digital Technology & Culture

In 2003 an international survey described digital preservation in Australia in these words: “For a country with a relatively small population, Australia has a relatively large number of leading-edge online projects across all sectors.” Is this still the case in 2014?

Recommended Format Specifications | Library of Congress

Library of Congress Recommended Format Specifications
Comments and feedback requested by March 31, 2015
Recommended Format Specifications are hierarchies of the physical and technical characteristics of creative formats, both analog and digital, which will best meet the needs of all concerned, maximizing the chances for survival and continued accessibility of creative content well into the future.
Recommended Format Specifications (HTML)
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