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iPres 2014: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Digital Preservation

Papers covered a wide array of preservation topics including migration and emulation, file format management, registries and linked data, funding models, education and training, personal archiving and software-based art, web archiving, metadata and persistent identifiers.


Flint is a framework to facilitate a configurable file/format validation. Its underlying architecture is based on the idea that file/format validation almost always has a specific use-case with concrete requirements that may differ from a validation against the official industry standard of a given format. The following are the principle ideas we’ve implemented in order to match such requirements.
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Staffing for Effective Digital Preservation: An NDSA Report | The Signal

The results of the 2012 National Digital Stewardship Alliance Standards and Practices Working Group’s digital preservation staffing survey have just been released! Staffing for Effective Digital Preservation: An NDSA Report (pdf) shares what we learned by surveying 85 institutions with a mandate to preserve digital content about how they staffed and organized their preservation functions.

The 11th annual iPRES conference on digital preservation will be held in Melbourne in October 2014

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Focus is "Research and Innovation"

Looks like it will be a very big week. 6 - 10th October.