Curriculum - Digital Preservation Outreach and Education | Library of Congress

The DPOE Baseline Digital Preservation Curriculum consists of six easily understandable topics.

- Identify . . . the types of digital content you have.
- Select . . . what portion of your digital content will be preserved.
- Store . . . your selected content for the long term.
- Protect . . . your content from everyday threats and emergency contingencies.
- Manage . . . and implement requirements for long term management.
- Provide . . . access to digital content over time.

The DPOE curriculum is informed by a digital preservation training needs assessment survey, a review of existing digital preservation curricula, and DPOE’s core training principles. See the DPOE Background page for more information.

After participating in a DPOE Train-the-Trainer Workshop, DPOE Trainers receive a package of ready made presentations, trainer notes, a list of resources for each topic, and a comprehensive guide for how to deliver a training event. Together these materials support delivery of the DPOE Curriculum.