BitCurator 1.5.1 VM and ISO released

The latest release of the BitCurator environment (1.5.1) is now available at our wiki ( Direct links and MD5 checksums can be found on the wiki, or you can follow the links below:
The BitCurator 1.5.1 Virtual Machine
The BitCurator 1.5.1 Installation ISO
This is the first public release of BitCurator built with our new bootstrap and upgrade automation tool (
bitcurator/bitcurator-bootstrap), significantly reducing the size of both the ISO and the VM. This is also the first public release in which all BitCurator reporting tools are installed for all users, and the first public release to include built-in support for USB 3.0 devices when used with VirtualBox 5.0 and up.
The Quickstart guide can, as with previous releases, be found here on our wiki, or in the Documentation folder on the BitCurator environment desktop.