Easy as ABC – A Triumph of Re-usable Metadata | InfoDocket

At the end of 2013 the Trove team at the National Library of Australia embarked on an exciting project to bring Trove’s current affairs coverage into the twenty-first century. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio National (RN) website exposes a wealth of contemporary content on cultural and political life in Australia. We knew that if we included these resources in Trove we could give users a current affairs discovery experience starting with the first Australian newspaper printed in 1803 and continuing all the way up to the podcasts of the present day. The Trove team couldn’t pass up the chance to link the two systems.
Bringing this data in required thinking beyond the edge – the ABC makes this data freely available but it’s not in a library metadata standard. The Trove team had never worked with a data set so large that wasn’t in a library format, but with good metadata sharing principles embedded at the ABC end, Trove was able to capture and re-use the RN data.