Getting the whole picture: Finding a common language between digital preservation and conservation

Black white and red image of a heart plotted out in binary zeros and ones

A Paper by NLA Staff: Douglas Elford, Lisa Jeong-Reuss, Somaya Langley and Melanie Wilkinson
Presented at the AICCM conference in Brisbane, August 2012 - 7TH Book, Paper and Photographic Materials Symposium

This paper intends to progress thinking surrounding preservation as a whole, aggregating knowledge from conservation and digital preservation in order to build awareness within both communities that there are more commonalities than differences. The desire is to see the commencement of a more encompassing and holistic dialogue about this diverse area of digital culture that is part of our everyday.

Valuable and practical insights for any organisation coming to grips with the digital preservation landscape. Clear thinking at its best.

The paper

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