Database Preservation Evaluation Report - SIARD vs. CHRONOS

Preserving information systems is one of the greatest chal- lenges in digital preservation. In this paper we outline the existing strengths and shortcomings of a record-centric driven preservation approach for relational databases by lin- ing up a state-of-the art industry database archiving tool CHRONOS1 against SIARD2 one of the most popular prod- ucts in the GLAM (galleries libraries archives museums) world. A functional comparison of both software products in the use cases of database retirement, continuous and partial archiving as well as application retirement is presented. The work focuses on a technical evaluation of the software prod- ucts - organizational and process aspects of digital preserva- tion are out of scope. We explain why preserving complex structures as databases through a record centric approach does not only depend on the amount of information captured in the preservation package and present a brief overview on available functional aspects in CHRONOS that help to ad- dress the challenges of application decommissioning. The paper at hand presents the results of a case study which was undertaken 2012 at AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH.