The Application of Preservation Planning Templates to a Personal Digital Collection – Reflections on the Process

Introduction - Paul Wilson | The PAWDOC collection was initiated in 1981 to support research into new office systems at the National Computing Centre in Manchester. The author continued to use the collection to manage all his documents throughout his subsequent IT career. The collection’s index contains six fields (Ref No, Title, Movement Status, Publication Date, Date Last Accessed, and Creation Date). Each of the 17,000 Index entries related to one or more of some 29,000 electronic files of a wide variety of file types stored in a Document Management System. The collection provides a unique snapshot of the development of computer use in industry, and of the impact on the day to day information load on professionals across the period of the introduction of the internet; and therefore seems worth trying to preserve.

The Project
In 2014, I set out to find a simple digital preservation workflow that I could apply to PAWDOC, and the results of that investigation are documented in the DPC Case Note of April 2016 which also included templates which are easily adapted to other personal digital collections. Those templates were updated during this applications process and are free to anyone to use:

Scoping document
Preservation Project Plan Description
Preservation Project Plan Chart
Preservation Maintenance Plan

This blog post summarises my experiences in putting the workflow and templates to use on the PAWDOC collection. The work was performed in the following three phases:

Scoping phase: Jan2017 - Feb2018

This work included completing the Scoping document and performing the tasks that the Scoping document identified as needing to be done before planning could start.

Planning phase: Dec2017 - Feb2018

During this phase the Preservation Project Plan DESCRIPTION and CHART documents were produced.

Implementation Phase: Feb2018 - May2018

The tasks specified in the Preservation Project Plan DESCRIPTION and CHART documents were completed during this phase.


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